• How to choose good web hosting

    Follow the steps to choose good web hosting:

    Good hardware:

    Cheap hosts use cheap hardware. Enterprise-grade servers are more expensive because they’re more powerful, more reliable, and less likely to develop faults. The best hosts also optimize their environment for specific installations. What is best for a WordPress site might not be the best setup for a Magento site.


    Low-end web hosts will deliberately overfill their shared servers. Gambling that most of the sites hosted on the server won’t use all the resources their owners paid for and that sites will have traffic peaks at different times, they essentially sell the same server space twice. This leads to all sort of issues in terms of performance.


    Any good host will offer 24/7 support and the ability to contact them through a number of channels. The biggest hosting company are woefully understaffed when it comes to support, and many of the support staff are woefully under-trained. Support staff should be friendly and helpful and treat you the same if you’re on a shared package or have multiple dedicated servers.


    The cheapest hosts are generally the cheapest for a reason. You get what you pay for when you’re paying less for your hosting a month than a footlong at Subway.

    Track Record:

    Creating a bad hosting company is easy. There are a lot of hosts that just show up for a couple years and then are suddenly gone. Don’t get burned. Find an established host with an established track-record and their own data centers.

    With that all being said, I personally work with and use Nexcess .net to host my WordPress site. Using the lowest shared plan, I have never had any problems, even with big traffic spikes, and the support staff is always available to walk you through any issues you may run into.


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